1. Amazon official sales chart / 24-hour sales up trend list / Amazon product collection list

Product Selection Tools 1

There may be people who don’t know this stuff, here by the way, especially Movers & Shakers, this list contains the 100 products with the biggest changes in ranking in the past 24 hours in various categories on Amazon.

Some of you may not know about this, but here, by the way, especially Movers&Shakers, this list contains the top 100 products that have moved the most in the past 24 hours in various categories on Amazon:

There will be a green arrow on this list, which means the product is rising in popularity, while the arrow will show the rising index of the product’s popularity next to it. Below the arrow, sellers can see the product’s ranking in the BSR. The ranking of the product on the list will not be affected by sales like the BSR ranking. Even the top ranked product in BSR may not necessarily occupy the first position on this list.

2. Free version of Helium 10

The top 2 Amazon selection tools for data accuracy + feature comprehensiveness.

Product Selection Tools 1

The free version supports the following features:
Sales, inventory, past 30 days sales, listing creation time, number of active sellers, inventory of all sku’s under a listing, profit calculation, search for competing products based on keywords and export data, whether the keywords are indexed, inventory overselling prevention, followers monitoring and alert, etc.